Have You recently…

  • Degreased your vent hood?
  • Cleaned your dishwasher filters?
  • Cleaned the filter on your washing machine?
  • Cleaned the vent on your dryer?

If you don’t remember the last time that you did any of these things, it’s time that you let professionals handle them for you. At Sea-Four Home Solutions, we offer a preventive routine maintenance program.


Examples of the Offered Routine Home Maintenance Services:

  • Vacuum & clean refrigerator coils & compressor
  • Change refrigerator water and air filters
  • Clean & sharpen garbage disposal
  • Degrease & clean vent hoods
  • Clean & maintain drains
  • Clean dishwasher filters
  • Etc..
  • Inspect and clean drains
  • Clean bathroom exhaust fans
  • Clean exterior dryer vents
  • Clean dryer’s lint filter housing
  • Clean washing machine filters
  • Etc..
  • Supply & change furnace filters
  • Supply & change humidifier filters
  • Drain sediment from water heaters
  • Supply & install salt for water softeners
  • Clean & maintain air exchangers
  • Inspect & test sump pumps
  • Etc..
  • Test your electricity/GFI outlets
  • Replace interior/exterior lights where needed
  • Maintain smoke and carbon monoxide detectors
  • Check operation of windows and doors (lubricate and repair)
  • Inspect fire extinguisher(s)
  • Etc..
  • Examine structure & report any concerns
  • Inspect/clean roof, gutters, and downspouts
  • Examine roofs & chimneys, caulk as needed
  • Test garage door auto reverse/safety shut-off feature
  • Inspect, grease and oil garage doors
  • Check water main shut-off valve for accessibility and exercise
  • Etc..

It starts with a certified home inspector who will provide you with a free consultation. Together, you’ll do a walkthrough of your home and develop a list of tasks specific to your property’s needs. Afterward, we’ll give you a customized list of recommended tasks to take care of your home, as well as a report that details where your home needs the most attention. These are just recommendations – what services you ultimately choose to book is completely up to you.
Once you’ve booked our services, our technician will visit your home on the scheduled dates to perform selected maintenance tasks and leave you with a written summary of the services completed.


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Pricing $199Annual Plan $199Most Valuable
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$299Semi-Annual Plan
A/C unit cleaning
Dryer vent cleaning
Refrigerator Coils cleaning
Vent hood degreasing
Smoke.CO2 alarm maintaining
Dryer interior cleaning
Washing machine - clean interior
Bathroom exaust fans
AC/Furnace filter
Water heater
Inspect structure for damage
All our offered services that specific to your home - after our free in-home maintenance inspection, YOU choose the items that you want maintained by us
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